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Cookies policy

Find below a list of the main cookies used according to their types, the data collected and their benefits.

General information about cookies

Cookies are necessary for the website to function properly and for you to be able to browse on it. Without these cookies, the website would not function as smoothly as it should.

  • What are cookies?
    • These are small pieces of information that are automatically created when you browse the website and are stored on your computer, phone or any other device.
  • What are they doing?
    • Helps to ensure the smooth operation of the website.
    • Helps to identify you as a previous visitor to the website.
    • Saves your visit history and can customize content accordingly.
    • Collect anonymous information which allows us to determine the number of website users and the frequency of their visits.
  • What are the benefits for you?
    • If you have created an account, then you do not need to enter your login details every time you visit our website.
    • Easy to place an order, return or exchange.
    • It will allow us to synchronize your content across all your devices.
    • And many other things...
  • What are the benefits for us?
    • We will be able to improve the quality of your browsing.
    • Helps us to analyze, summarize the obtained data, which is later used to improve your shopping experience.
    • Allow us to monitor you in real time and provide assistance when needed.

If you would like to know more about our use of cookies then you can get in touch with us.

What cookies do we use?

  1. Functional cookies:
    • These cookies remember the settings that buyers choose (such as language, currency settings, sorting options, filtering options, saved items, or shopping cart contents).
  2. Registration cookies:
    • These cookies let us know if you have an account on the website and whether you use it in a particular case.
  3. Third party analytics cookies:
    • These cookies help us monitor the number of users, the frequency of their visits, browsing and shopping habits.
  4. Third-party advertising, marketing or service cookies:
    • We love all our customers and know how sometimes advertising can be annoying, so we have never used or will use these cookies. #NotSoEvil

How can you manage and delete cookies?

Because each browser is different, to change your cookie settings, see it's help menu. Your device's operating system may contain additional cookie controls. If you do not want information to be collected through cookies, use the simple procedure available in most browsers to allow you to opt out of the use of cookies. To learn more about managing cookies, visit:


In some cases, deleting or not using cookies may slow down website, limit the functionality of certain features, or even block access to the website.

Updated on September 23, 2021