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What is save for later?

Saved items are items that you can save to your saved items list as your favorite items or that you would like to buy later. If you do that, when you revisit the KYRA website, you will not have to search for these items again, it will all be in one place.

How does it work?

To save items, simply click on the heart icon in the corner of the item. When the item is added to the list of saved items, you will see a beautiful heart animation.

At any time, on any page, click on the main heart on the top right to view your saved items.

View saved items.

How long items are saved?

When you save an item to the saved item list, it will remain there for 60 days, later - removed.

Is my product reserved?

Even if you have saved an item to the list of saved items, it is not reserved and can be purchased by other cutomer at any time.

Due to the high demand, reservation is not possible in any way!

Updated on January 10, 2022